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Full LC Accounting Curriculum: Detailed Notes, "How to" Videos & Study guides for all topics





Head Start Online Accounting School was established to help students develop their knowledge and understanding of accounting. We provide a range of courses in the education sector. 

All education courses have been developed by qualified teachers who have spent many years working as Professional ACCA Accountants before working as secondary school teachers.


Our teachers have experience working for both SEC and Mock companies. They bring all their experience to the educational field and have developed a range of courses which focuses on the individual students needs.


Leaving Cert Accounting:

Our Higher Level Leaving Certificate Accounting product is designed to complement the work done in class. Our online course helps students to learn both the content and the tools that they need to achieve success in the Leaving Certificate Accounting course. Each topic on the curriculum has a step by step video guide on how to complete a past exam question. There is also a set of detailed notes, study guides and study tips. We see our product as an alternative to traditional grinds, students have access to all materials 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so they can study at a time that suits them, and they don't have to rely on remembering what was covered in the grind. Our course is also significantly cheaper than weekly grinds.

Sample material is available here.

Leaving Cert Applied:

Our Maths course is designed to help LCA students understand  the curriculum in a fun and interactive way. Each element is explained in a simple practical way in a video and students get the opportunity to complete fun interactive quizzes to test their knowledge. They then get the opportunity to see how that knowledge is examined in the terminal LCA examination.

Transition Year:

Our TY Courses are designed to help students in the areas of Maths & Accounting. The online courses are interactive and engaging for students are are based on real life case studies.


All courses are modular in format, and are structured in a logical format in our online training repository. They are easy to follow and as they are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week they are extremely flexible to meet the needs of  students.

Transform Your Success: Affordable and Effective Leaving Cert Accounting Grinds Alternative by Headstart

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Our Products

Online Study

Leaving Certificate Accounting (HL)

Access our training library which contains a comprehensive set of notes, videos, study guides and topic summaries. Everything you need to excel at Higher Level Leaving Cert Accounting. Full curriculum covered. Flexible structure to suit your needs

Teenagers having fun

TY Maths &


Allow TY students to develop their understanding of the basics of Maths and Accounting with this fun interactive online course. Each course is designed to last 6 weeks assuming 80 minutes contact time per week. Can be purchased separately or as a bundle.

Carpentry Work

Leaving Cert Applied (LCA) Maths

Access our library of videos explaining all elements of the LCA maths curriculum. Interactive quizzes allow students to assess their progress.  All material is structured in a logical format to allow students easy access to material.

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