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Leaving Certificate Accounting
Product Content

Image by Lubomyr Myronyuk

Detailed Notes

For each topic students will get a detailed set of notes. To see a sample set of notes on the topic of Suspense Accounts click on link below.

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One Page Summaries

To assist with Revision "One Page Summaries" are provided to give students visual reminders of key elements of the topic. Check out the sample below for Suspense Accounts

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For each topic there is at least one past examination question with a worked solution. Some topics have multiple videos. Check out the sample video for  Suspense Accounts below.

See Sample Video Below

Study Checklists

Use this checklist to identify your level of knowledge with the topic. Highlight gaps and update study plans accordingly.

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Suspense Accounts Sample Video 

Suspense Account Video

Suspense Account Video

Play Video

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Adam, Galway

The videos are really great to show how to answer exam questions. I liked the fact that they included tips to help me manage my time in the exam.

Sam, Kildare

The checklists helped to keep me on track with my studies. I was able to use them to highlight the areas that I needed to look at again.

Amy, Dublin

I liked that I could access the material whenever I wanted. I also liked that I could replay the videos, this helped me understand the harder topics, like some of the Q1 adjustments.

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