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Head Start TY

At Head Start we have developed a number of online courses for TY students. As practicing Secondary school teachers working with TY students on a daily basis we have designed courses to meet student needs.


Our online courses complement the existing Junior & Leaving Certificate curricula, but stay true to the experiential nature of the TY programme. The courses focus on developing students knowledge and skills having regard to their specific experiences, case studies are used to provide content in a fun way which is easily accessible to students


Students and Teachers are provided with access to an online learning platform which is structured by topic and time to guide students through their learning experience. Progress through each module can be easily seen by both student & teacher. Complete set of resources are provided with worked solutions to support both students and teachers.

The online structure parallels that of a classroom, but takes the physical requirement out of education making the class accessible for everyone regardless of location. Students can pause, rewind and rewatch the material as often as necessary and gives teachers time to interact and engage with their students. 

Finally, the courses are designed to encourage independent learning and the development of key skills.

All materials and access supplied at a cost of €15 per student for both courses.

To find out more please contact us @ or review our brochure.

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Accounting fundamentals delivered using a business start up case study. Students work with fictional characters making business decisions throughout the first year of a new business.

Math Formulas


Maths fundamentals taught using day to day scenarios that students can relate to. Scenarios range from financial decisions around work, holidays and managing money on a day to day basis.

  • Online structure

  • Easy to use 

  • Progress easily monitored

  • Students can pause, rewind and re-watch videos as needed

  • Material can be downloaded

  • Student focused

  • Independent learning supported

  • Low Cost

How do I book?

Bookings can be made by email. Email with teacher email and student numbers. We can issue invoice to school finance department. 

Once payment has cleared we will request the list of student email addresses and set them up on our online database.

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